In School Youth Program

Business and Education Services Available:

Success in the New Economy/Introduction to PA CareerLink®

Learn what level(s) of education is needed for the jobs of the future.  Explore what jobs will be in demand in the near future.  How has the economy changed over the last few generations, and how will it continue to change moving forward?

What is the PA CareerLink®, and how can you benefit from utilizing our many services?


Skill/Interest Inventory

Discover what your strengths and interests are and how you can align them with your career goals.


Career Pathways/MCP 101

What is the best path to get you to where you want to be in your career?  What is the best course of study?  Where should you begin?  What can you expect your salary be starting out, mid-career, and when you reach an expert level?  How might careers in the military benefit your personal and professional development, and how can you transfer the skills you acquire while in the military to civilian jobs when the time comes?


Labor Market Information/Career Clusters

What industries and careers are in demand in Central Pennsylvania, and how can you best prepare for them?


What Employers Want (Soft Skills Matter)

What are Soft Skills?  Why are they so important?  How can you identify your Soft Skills and best convey them on your resume or in an interview to stand out from the crowd?

Resume Builders

Learn what a resume is and why they are essential in your job search.  Discuss what to include and why, and view examples of resume templates.


Interviewing Techniques

How should you prepare for an interview and what can you expect?  What questions will interviewers typically ask, and how should you best answer them?  What are they looking for in candidates?

Financial Literacy Basics

Designed to help students to think responsibly about managing money, this class will discuss basics such as how to read a paystub, what is taken out of your paycheck and why, and paying yourself first.  This can include a budgeting worksheet to complete as a group project, if time allows.


Entrepreneurial Skills

Do you dream of owning your own business someday or being your own boss?  How should you get started?  What resources are available to help you?  What skills will you need in order to be successful?


Employer Panel

This can be done as a large group assembly, or in a classroom setting.  PA CareerLink® staff will assist you in organizing local, relevant company representatives to speak with students about specific industries or careers.  Panel discussions will be tailored to best meet your expectations for the group.

Community Action

CSO Community Action works hard to change lives and communities. Families often struggle to make ends meet. Single parents and single-income families can’t stretch their paycheck far enough to cover their basic needs. Low income workers can’t always provide for their families. LEARN MORE...

Workforce Development



CSO is a partner in the PA CareerLink® system.  The PA CareerLink® features professionally staffed offices that provide a variety of services for job seekers and employers.  CSO staff members and other PA CareerLink® partners have the knowledge and resources to match local talent to fill employer needs.  LEARN MORE...

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