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What makes us unique? We understand that businesses do not operate in a vacuum. They need reliable data and information to make informed decisions. Our teams stay in touch with the latest labor market trends and information, such as comparative wage data, demographic profiles and industry projections. Our Workforce Indictor Dashboard, available at www.cpwdc.org provides current workforce-related data relevant to Central Pennsylvania. 

PA CareerLink® staff are well informed on the latest employment solutions to keep you competitive and we offer a customized portfolio of services that includes a direct and personalized
relationship with our employer customers.

Down Cycle Service
Workforce strategies for your business
Adapting to a changing marketplace
Assessing, managing and growing internal talent
Forecasting future workforce needs
Exploring flexible and effective recruitment strategies
Retaining business through layoff aversion assistance
Assisting employees transition following a layoff or closure

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Up Cycle Services
Connecting Employers to Workforce Talent
The diversity of businesses in Central Pennsylvania require specialized expertise in attracting and retaining workforce talent that can solve an organization’s unique issues in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Recruitment & Placement
Reduce costs and time-to-hire cycles
Marketing current job openings on the PA CareerLink® online job board www.jobgateway.pa.gov to gain access to thousands of qualified workers
Job Matching, web-based recruitment and pre-screening of candidates for quick response referrals
Assessing of job candidates’ skills and aptitudes
Helping plan and host company specialized job fairs
Accessing recruitment and interview space

Employee Training  and Talent Development Services
Workforce Matters
WorkKeys® Career Readiness Assessments used to appraise and upgrade employees’ skills to promote retention of valued employees or prepare new employees
WorkKeys® Job Profiling used to identify the skills and skill  levels required to effectively perform a specific job
On-The-Job and Incumbent Worker Training programs
Referrals to training resources
Employer Seminars

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Labor Market Information:
PA Department of Labor and Industry

Pennsylvania Workforce Development

PA New Hire Reporting  Guidelines

Community Action

CSO Community Action works hard to change lives and communities. Families often struggle to make ends meet. Single parents and single-income families can’t stretch their paycheck far enough to cover their basic needs. Low income workers can’t always provide for their families. LEARN MORE...

Workforce Development



CSO is a partner in the PA CareerLink® system.  The PA CareerLink® features professionally staffed offices that provide a variety of services for job seekers and employers.  CSO staff members and other PA CareerLink® partners have the knowledge and resources to match local talent to fill employer needs.  LEARN MORE...

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